OMG. You discover a lump where there shouldn’t be one. The dreaded diagnosis comes in. CANCER!

Most women going through treatment experience some kind of financial challenge. Cancer costs can increase if your treatment is extended or changes. Treatment can also cause you and your family to lose time at work and decreases income. On top of that, these hardships can have physical and emotional side effects that impair successful healing. According to the American Cancer Society Study published in CANCER March 14, 206, these issues include:

  • worry about paying large medical bills
  • inability to pay for medical visits
  • need to borrow money, debt or bankruptcy
  • other financial sacrifices

These worries can cause depression, delay in filling prescriptions, skipping doses of medications, greater risk of mortality, and impaired chances of recovery. But there are also a multitude of resources that you may not be aware. Resources are available for prescription drugs, transportation, food, clothing, housing, utilities, phone, medical supplies and caregivers. Research organizations that provide financial assistance. My favorite online resources are and

Some other things you can do:

  • Have a discussion with your doctor regarding treatments that are less expensive but just as effective
  • If you have problems paying a medical bill, many hospitals and agencies are willing to work with you
  • Communicate and negotiate politely with creditors and the IRS

You will be touched with the compassion you receive to help you through a life threatening experience.