Are you hearing about inflation, and concerned what that means to you? It’s actually great news!

This is an opportunity to change things up in your life. Let me give you an example on how to triple leverage your life.  Better health. More money. AND make the world a better place. What’s more awesome than that!

Now hang in with me here. Let’s start with the grocery budget and how to make technology your friend.


After comparing prices at the grocery store, I check out the products with the lowest prices by using my cell phone and the free Buycott App to scan the barcodes. It’s going to tell me things –

  • If it’s GMO
  • if the company uses slave labor to turn cheap product
  • if the company is transparent or tries to cover up
  • or it uses best practices

One of the best parts of this app? It lets me communicate with companies whose practices I don’t, ahem, appreciate. And that I’ll be buying from another company. Thank you very much. They hate that! And if enough women do that, the company makes changes.

Buycott App
Fight inflation at the Farmer's Market

OK next, I buy veggies that are farm to table.

Now I admit this might be a little easier in Maui but check out farmers’ markets in your area. Waiting until the last 15 minutes or so might save a little more on the price because vendors don’t want to pack it back home.


The health benefit of eating vegan is a reduction in saturated fat and cholesterol plus more dietary fiber. Vegans tend to be thinner, generally have lower cholesterol and blood pressure. 1 If you have time, watch the movie Gamechangers.

Inflation for better health


By going ‘whole bean’ (not whole hog), savings are about 40% not eating meat and fish. 2 In my case, with a household of two, I would save $280 a month. That extra could help to pay utilities. Or If I invested it on the first of each month, compounded at 8% annually for 10 years, it could become almost $52,000 (no guarantees, of course)

Inflation and Humanity


Did you know cows burping and farting are major contributors to greenhouse gasses? The environmental effect of eating vegan is a reduction from 57% of global greenhouse gas emissions that comes from meat and dairy production down to just 29% from plant-based foods. That’s a reduction by half!3

Personally, I’m frequently vegan. But what do you think about crowding out animal protein in your life and cooking a great vegan meal weekly to keep this beautiful planet, beautiful?

Can you see how women with their collective power can reshape the world?

1 Health effects of vegan diets,
3 Global greenhouse gas emissions from animal-based foods are twice those of plant-based foods | Nature Food)
Past performance is not a guarantee of future return, nor is it necessarily indicative of future performance.