At the present rate, it will take 217 years to achieve gender parity in the workplace. That’s according to UN Women, the United Nation’s entity working toward the empowerment of women. I don’t know about you, but that’s w-a-y too long for me!

Speaking of me, the Me Too movement and Women’s Marches are making it clear that there is a worldwide groundswell to move gender equality forward. Keeping the status quo is not an option. Support for the feminine transcends gender and sexual orientation. The opportunity for creating the future is here.

Being an effective and successful change agent for that future is like preparing for a marathon; it requires knowledge, mental concentration, physical stamina and focus on the goal. We don’t pop out of the womb knowing how to maneuver in the game of life. We learn how to do it guided by wisdom-keepers who came before us.

As we become aware of the many possibilities of this future world, our minds open wide and this new openness leads to change, confidence and power for women. Fresh ideas stimulate understanding with greater depth as each of us is ready to receive them. They change how the rest of the world is viewed. Gradually we become aware of something that cannot even be put into words … a certain feeling of peace, a certain quietness that flows through us. The future is a more mindful and aware world.

It is also one that is empowered by awareness, information and energy flowing toward parity and inclusiveness. Knowledge integrated with intuition, inner power and wisdom help move women forward at a faster pace. With technology, information is immediate and accessible. And thankfully, technology doesn’t discriminate.

The future will bring out the best in women who are creative and nimble in finding solutions to problems, getting things done and having a strong sense of self. They will deal well with change and uncertainty in this fast-paced world. Women who have exceptional skills for problem-solving, communicating, team building, creating, inspiring, and relating to others will emerge as superb collaborators, leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators.

These women will possess abundant empathy to understand the feelings of others. They will anticipate the emotional and humanitarian consequences of life situations, which will make them particularly skilled at making major decisions. Children will become a priority.

Women naturally have tremendous relational strengths for connecting with other people. They create strong social networks that support them during stressful times and inspire others to give their very best and to work toward a common good. These strengths lead to their success as transformational leaders and role models by building trust and confidence.

Women are optimistic and excited about goals, inspiring others to be just as enthusiastic. They tend to mentor others and by doing so, gain respect and loyalty of others. Transformational leaders make more money, produce more successful products and accomplish more. They motivate all, men and women alike, to come up with more innovative ways to solve problems and create products. It will be a more collaborative world that is not run by balance sheets alone.

Actions must be considered wisely by all because our destinies are woven together in an intricate pattern. The complexity of the pattern fluctuates and changes much as the pulsating of the heart because people are always changing, but the “Future of Feminine” is ever beautiful.

Recognizing the possibilities of the future not only enhances individual lives but revolutionizes our world. Painting this picture through action for the children of the world can achieve change in just one generation. The potential is limitless and we don’t have to wait 217 years to achieve it!