“The world will be saved by western women”. He envisions a future where female values will spread throughout our political, educational, economic and healthcare systems through the entire world.

The results are in.

Women are good for business.

“Boards with high female representation experience a 53% higher return on equity, 66% higher return on invested capital and 42% higher return on sales.”  McKinsey 2018

“Diversity of thinking is a wellspring of creativity, enhancing innovation by about 20%“ – Deloitte Insights

And WOW, do women think differently!

But there’s a problem. There’s a staggering shortage of gender diversity in leadership roles and a significant drop-off on the way to the C-Suite.

Change is uncomfortable. We carry with us a story from the past. “That’s the way we’ve always done it.” But if we never changed paradigms, we’d still be rubbing sticks together to make fire, men would be hunting buffalo and women would be gathering nuts and berries.

How do we create change?

By exploring and letting go of our limiting beliefs, emotions and behaviors and replacing them with fresh perspectives. Right now, we live in a balance sheet society, where success is narrowly defined by profits. We can expand our evaluation system to include social responsibility and humanity.

Ryan Gosling is a self-proclaimed feminist as is the Dalai Lama. Let’s help more men get in touch with their feminine side, to support and cheer us on, helping bring more heart centered influence into our culture!

Our future could be a seamless dance between masculine and feminine qualities – a gracefulness that honors, respects, and celebrates our differences.