Strong woman warrioring up to fight gender inequality

The world does not treat men and women equally, especially when it comes to work and money. We women are faced with the task of claiming our right to be honored and treated equally, globally. By synchronizing your mind, body, and spirit with the financial aspects of your life you can develop true power, confidence, and authority over your own existence. It is time for us, individually and as a group, to “warrior up” in a world where gender inequality remains.

How to Warrior Up in a World of Gender Inequality

There is a lot written about body, mind, and spirit in the martial arts. Early in my life I studied a form of martial arts called Aikido, which is translated as “the way of unifying with life energy or the way of harmonious spirit.” The goal of Aikido is to defend yourself by redirecting the attacker’s energy and protecting them from injury. In my Aikido classes, we were taught to allow the energy of the universe and the individual, called “ki,” to flow through our body before we calmly began a movement to defend ourselves. This idea is not so different from taking a deep breath before competing in an event or making a presentation.

In yoga, breathing is used as a practice to develop power, presence, and mental control. By applying ancient principles of yoga to synchronizing yourself, over time you can develop a deep awareness, mental toughness, and indomitable will, becoming a force to be reckoned with. You learn fast when you unify the whole person. You start showing up with more will power every day. Concentration trains your mind to focus. Visualization helps you focus on what you wish to achieve.

The Ingredients to Create Self-Confidence and Empowerment

The point is, you have a miraculously complex body, mind, and spirit, that given proper nourishment on all levels should serve you well as an advocate for yourself and other women. With simple daily practices, you can learn to synchronize your whole self to create the abundance and empowerment you’re worth. The mind is linked to every cell in your body, communicating your character, emotions, honor, courage, and indomitable will. As the mind is educated and focused, the body nourished, and your guiding intuition developed, you become more confident. Link every cell in your body with passion, purpose, and persistent action for power over your destiny.

There’s an exhilaration in moving mountains out of the way. With the whole of us synchronized, let’s face the eye of the lion together and fight the gender inequality that we still see today.