Absolutely powerful energy oneness meditation

Meditation for one is not always meditation for another. If you can look at a tree in the sunshine, then simply relax and enjoy it. Allow the beauty of it to flow through you. This is true meditation because it is “oneness” with life. There is no specific formula. It is not a ritual. It is allowing oneself to communicate in relaxation with that which “is.”

What Is Oneness Meditation?

True meditation is feeling that oneness with all that there is. The feeling is so clear, so definite, that once you have experienced it you will never doubt again what true meditation is. True meditation is achieved so many times when a person suddenly is aware of their surroundings and puts their guard down, absorbing all that is around them.. It is to pause oneself, to quiet oneself, to feel the flowing of peacefulness through you. Just allow it. It is there. All you have to do is simply open up your mind and allow this wondrous sense of peace. When it has permeated all of your being you become completely aware of every moment. There will be no question in your mind as to who you really are.

Creating oneness starts deep inside you. Women especially need to honor our self-esteem and nurture our confidence. Oneness meditation will give you formidable energy for the great changes that await you. Cultivate the union of yourself with the infinite—and what could be more powerful than having the infinite working with you to manifest your economic future?

How to Meditate and Create Oneness

Sit in Easy Pose with the spine straight. Close your eyes and gently raise them to the brow point, at the center of the forehead a little above the eyebrows. Inhale deeply and powerfully chant the sound: ONG. The sound is created through the nose, mouth held slightly open, but no air comes out through the mouth. The sound comes from the nose by way of the back of the upper palate. Your upper palate will vibrate. This is the breath to cultivate if you want to be in love with yourself. Do this for a time that feels comfortable for you, and then relax into quiet meditation of oneness.

Melt into the beautiful surroundings of your mind, the boundaries of your body disappearing and becoming one with infinity. Every cell of your body is one with every cell of the universe. Your energy radiates out to infinity, and you receive all the energy from everyone and everything in the universe radiating through you. Let it flow back and forth easily like liquid.

When you can see the beauty of the sunset or the beauty of a single flower or the beauty of a grasshopper, and it is beautiful, you can see the beauty in all things. Then you are at one with your maker, and you have attained perfect oneness meditation.