If your brain imagines something vividly, it perceives it as happening in reality. Developing your visualization skills is a delightful way to develop greater peace internally and greater achievement without. It’s a bit different than meditation. It helps by expanding your mental concentration and inner harmony. It’s challenging at first, but just like working out physically, your brain becomes more disciplined with practice. The goal is to waken your hidden powers, synchronizing them with your daily life.

Visualize yourself walking outdoors in your happy place. It’s dawn. I love dawn. It’s my favorite time of the day. Feel at one with the dawn and you will be at one with all times. With the dawn is the new day’s work and it is the symbol of all growth. When you are looking out upon the dawn allow yourself to be a part of it. Immerse in it. Reach out with your mind, blend yourself with the dawn, not just the colors of the sky, but the dawn in its facets of the birds awakening, of the trees stirring, of the flowers reaching towards this newborn day. Feel the sun start to rise, becoming warmer and warmer on your skin. Allow this beauty drift through your mind refreshing and strengthening the all of you. Bathe yourself in these thoughts until you feel ready for your day.