Do you just feel like pulling up your covers when you first wake up rather than doing a morning practice? Welcome to the crowd. It takes me awhile to transition from sleep to wakefulness. I developed a simple practice that helps me be consistent if I am short on time. Use this to tweak your morning into the most nourishing, energizing part of your day in as little as ten minutes.

When I first start to rouse, I sit up in easy pose to massage my spine, organs and muscle groups into wakefulness. It’s symbolic, stretching to my best every day. My eyes are closed focusing on my third eye. And yes, I’m still in bed, my sanctuary. I love bed. I’m sure that if yogis had beds thousands of years ago, they would probably have done their practice there too.



  • Spinal Flex: Sitting in Easy Pose, cross your legs in front of you at the shins. Grab the ankles with both hands, deeply inhale and flex the spine forward lifting the chest up. On the exhale, flex the spine backwards. Keep the head level so it does not flop back and forth. I like to do things in eights, the number for prosperity.
  • Spinal Twist: Grasp the shoulders with fingers in front, thumbs in back. Inhale and twist to the left, exhale and twist to the right. Breath is long and deep. Do eight.
  • Shoulder Shrugs: Shrug both shoulders up on the inhale, down on the exhale. Do eight. Finish with an inhale and hold briefly with shoulders up. Then exhale and relax.
  • Neck Rolls: Roll the neck slowly to the right 8 times and to the left 8 times. Inhale and pull the neck straight.
  • Arm Pumps: Sit on the heels with the arms overhead interlacing the fingers. Breath in powerfully when pulling arms up, and breath out powerfully when arms drop down. Do this for one minute. Exhale, hold the breath out. If you don’t have time for anything else, just do this.


Mantra: Sitting in Easy Pose, intone a very long ONG from the back of your throat. . . which causes all the cells in your body to dance. Simultaneously visualize Earth, sending out a vibration of love and kindness. Do for at least one minute.


Relaxation: I look upon this as my reward. Relaxation done properly puts new energy into the body and mind. Laying down, breathe in and out slowly and deeply a few times. As you become comfortable with this, you can visualize beautiful colors flowing in and out of your lungs and body. Slump. Sag completely. Then relax more – eyebrows, mouth, lower jaw, tongue, neck, shoulders… down left and right sides, thighs, calf muscles, till you reach the toes. Don’t be in a hurry. Feel an almost perfect peace stealing over you. That’s the signal to begin your meditation.



Meditation is like a warm bath for the mind. Immerse into the universe. True meditation is feeling oneness with all that there is. The feeling is so clear, so definite, that once you have experienced it you will never doubt again what true meditation is. Close your session by tensing up your muscles, then having a big luxurious stretch all over your body. You will feel renewed and energized, the equivalent of many hours of sleep. Set your intention for the day.


What a great way to start your day!


Before embarking on any exercise regimen, seek the care and advice of a qualified doctor or health professional. Contraindications for women, do not practice stretches after the first 120 days of pregnancy or if there any complications or during the first few days of woman’s cycle. Just use mantra or sound current.