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Our program is based on more than 50 years of significant business experience. Thirty of those years are PhD-level cultural change and organizational transformation practices within a Fortune 50 company spanning Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and the Middle East.

Companies in the top quartile for gender diversity on executive teams are 21% more likely to have above-average profitability than companies in the fourth quartile. Companies with the most women on their board of directors outperform those with the fewest women on their boards. Return on invested capital is 66% higher in firms with strong female representation.

We created something that benefits everyone. In the best workplaces, the most talented people can rise. That should be the expectation for every workplace. And companies that are the most successful at blending in a diversity of thought will gain the best talent. And wow, do women think differently!

“Diversity of thinking is a wellspring of creativity, enhancing innovation by about 20 percent.”

- Deloitte Insights

Look at some of the strong megatrends currently being shaped by women.

Women represent a growth market bigger than India and China combined.

Some $22 trillion in assets will shift to women by 2020.

Women are increasing their participation in the formal economy and changing patterns in gender make-up of traditionally male-dominated industries.

Women are fiercely leveraging their online collective voice in areas of social good, ethics, and compassion.

They are becoming the decision-makers for more big-ticket items.

But many businesses are finding progress slow on creating gender equity. What do you do? How do you accelerate a company into the top quartile for gender diversity?

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Where are You in the Pipeline?

Women Remain Significantly Underrepresented © LeanIn.Org & McKinsey Company

Organizational Wellness Workshops

We know how to help you rewire the system to rewire behaviors. We can help identify what may be preventing your company from outperforming, first by drilling down on all your specific processes through a customized, highly interactive Organizational Wellness Workshop. We’ll discover together where your company may be doing adequately in some areas or have blind spots in others. Then we’ll update you on how to kick it into gear with an overall Organizational Wellness Workshop tailored for your organization.

Why Us?

Lorri Allison Craig, CFP, MBA & Phillip A Hines, PhD

I started working in finance in 1995 when only 9% of advisors were female. I know first-hand what it feels like to enter a room with 500 dress-for-success suits and be the only woman. I also understand how difficult it is for men to navigate communication and cultural issues of gender in the workplace. I have lived what works and what doesn’t for over 25 years. One of my projects was developing a community mentoring program between two extremely disparate social strata, the rich and the poor, incorporating relationship, skill-building, and reward. Tackling gender diversity is easier compared to that.

My brother, Phillip, has 30 years experience, at the International Senior Management Team Level spanning Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and the Middle East in:

  • Business Strategy Assessment & Implementation
  • Culture Change & Organizational Transformation

Between my brother and I, we have more than 50 years of significant business experience. Achieving results in this specialized area requires extraordinary insight. Diversity and inclusion require time to achieve and you don’t want to discover that you are continuing to promote and support outdated, ineffective leadership, management, reward and measurement processes.

Incorporating the latest research, we address critical success areas ranging from mitigating Recruiting Bias, creating a positive Onboarding process; transforming into a Culture of cohesiveness and skill-building; appropriately Incentivizing and Rewarding the results you want; Coaching for advancement; to Mentoring for leadership at the executive level. Any holistic cultural transformation has four steps, starting with open attitudes, developing an awareness of the different lenses we all use to view the world, awareness of conscious and unconscious diversity bias and linking skill-building to growth strategy.

The Power of Colleague Networks

One of our steps, the Colleague Network, is a powerful intra-organizational linkage that broadens diversity of thinking and inclusion; fosters flow of intelligence, ideas, and knowledge; facilitates learning and skill-building; addresses work-life issues; provides a safe platform for conversations; and raises awareness of differences between how women and men think and different cultures and personalities view the world.

In many organizations, there are plenty of qualified female candidates for executive positions. But they are less confident about applying. These colleague networks help foster confidence and prepare talent from inside your organization to rise to the executive level increasing diversity and improving the knowledge, skill, and productivity of everyone on the team. And we can’t ignore the change in organizational culture over the next ten years as millennials become 75% of the workforce. Millennials are 83% actively engaged when they believe their organization fosters an inclusive culture. Millennials want to collaborate, learn and grow. They want to feel supported and valued. And they want flexibility. These “smart” teams enhance employee engagement, improve brand and drive performance.

“Did you know that women are unlikely to apply for positions that they are not 100% qualified for yet male counterparts apply if they fit 70% of criteria expecting to gain the extra skill on the job. Yet with specific mentoring and support, women start applying and earning top positions as much as their male counterparts. This also benefits the company by retaining and developing your talent to the fullest!”

- Harvard Business Review, August 2014

LunchBag Series: Start, Build and Grow Your Own Business Video Course

Accelerate your startup results using a step by step video program you can do on your lunch hour. Lorri Allison Craig grew her last startup to over a $50 million book of business and a merger opportunity in 4 1/2 years. You can save thousands of dollars by skipping business school and finding a fun, clear process for starting your own business. Turn your passion into starting, building and growing your own business. Start the course today!

Organizational Wellness Talks and Workshops

Driven to create change, with a keen understanding of gender diversity issues in corporate culture, Lorri Allison Craig shares her experience and personal story with humor and personality. She is the perfect speaker for your group to guide you through these times.

90 min keynote or Half and full-day workshops available.

  • Half-Day Workshop – Organizational Wellness Assessment
  • Full-Day Workshop – Organizational Wellness Assessment

Let Lorri be your guide through a deeper understanding of corporate gender diversity. In her talks and workshops, she makes people aware of the humorous differences between genders and cultures that can be an asset, not a liability. How to build a culture that encourages more women to climb the corporate ladder. Rather than treating everyone the same and expecting diversity, an effective diversity program uses the differences to bring out great abilities while creating a corporate culture that binds teams together.

Organizational Wellness

Smart companies put the entire Organizational Wellness program to work for them. When your organization is done with halfhearted best efforts and wants to achieve real change, bring in the Organizational Wellness program. This full-service step by step program will transform your organization for the better at every level. Addressing everything from recruiting, hiring, skill-building, smart teams, mentor programs, incentives, group culture and much more, this is the state of the art in diversity and gender equity programs. This package is customized for every organization.

Every company is different so please contact us for a quote on a comprehensive program.

About Us

Lorri Allison Craig, CFP, MBA

Her background is as a financial subject matter expert for the CFP Board with over 25 years of professional experience with small, mid and large financial companies. She’s received numerous professional, educational, and community awards including Citizen of the Year and California Lutheran University’s School of Management 25 Silver Anniversary distinguished alumni for accomplishments. Also, a serial entrepreneur and intrapreneur, she has started several companies, the last one to a $50M book of business in 4.5 years.

This methodology gets results in any organization. Lorri’s speaking style is entertaining, with a dry sense of humor, she’s been a frequent expert guest on local TV stations and podcasts across the country and has over twenty year’s experience as a professional speaker and workshop presenter.

Phillip Hines, PhD

For more than 30 years Phil worked at the International Senior Management Team Level in Business Strategy Implementation Assessment, Culture Change/Organizational Transformation, and Leadership. This includes management in OECD and Emerging Market Economies in Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and the Middle East with Citibank. He also created and ran a multimillion-dollar intellectual capital, Profit and Loss business for global Fortune 50 financial services company.

As Managing Director of his own consulting firm in Singapore his services included: Building and Sustaining Competitive Advantage Through Strategy and Organizational Structure, Culture Change/Transformation Through World Standard “Best Practices”, Leading and Managing High-Performance Organizations. His delivery network included senior consultants in Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, and the Philippines. He is now in the U.S. His Bachelor of Arts and Master of Public Administration degrees are from the University of Washington. His Ph.D. is from the Graduate School of Business at Cornell University.

LunchBag Series: Start, Build and Grow Your Own Business Video Course

Are you unhappy with the work you do? Do you want to find a way to do work you love AND provide yourself with an income? Then this is the course for you.

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