Array of healthy food options after curbing cravings

Health isn’t just about eating a specific diet or exercising in a certain manner, although there are plenty of people with their own particular brand of advice. You’ll read something that says you need to avoid this but do that, then the next article says just the opposite. Everyone is pushing their own theory. Pretty confusing, isn’t it? Then you add in the fact that every one of us is a unique individual with our own special DNA. Our bodies all react distinctively. So what works for one person, does not necessarily work for another.

Have you ever tried to go whole hog with following a specific diet or exercise program, only to fall off the wagon feeling like a failure? You know when you are doing something that may not be great for you, like drinking several cups of coffee a day, or eating those yummy pastries. Those foods are addictive. Caffeine is addictive. Sugar is addictive. Bread is addictive. Then we have a food industry that is chemicalizing our food for tastiness so we’ll eat more and buy more of it. Curbing cravings by cutting those foods out cold turkey is like trying to break a cocaine habit.

My addiction is to salt. Potato chips with salt, popcorn with salt, anything with salt. Why does my brilliant body crave salt and what should I do about it? Unfortunately, there’s not a pill for craving salt. Instead, I started drinking a lot more water to start rinsing my body. Fewer bags of chips and popcorn found their way to my pantry. I made sure to keep healthy alternatives in the refrigerator. Pretty soon, my body started adjusting and my cravings diminished. I’m pretty good about it 90% of the time now. We’re not going for perfect.

How to Begin Curbing Cravings

A small step in reversing dependence on certain “junk” foods can be adding in healthier choices and curbing cravings for those habit-forming foods. Begin by drinking more water, eating more of what you should be eating, like fruits and vegetables, and walking more. Gradually, eat a little less of what you shouldn’t be eating, like pizza and ice cream. Naturally, your cravings will begin to melt away. Our body is wonderfully intelligent and wants to cleanse itself. We simply need to allow it to do what it does best.