Our relationship with money either limits us or empowers us. I have worked with the rich who have more money than most of us even dream of, yet are mental prisoners of lack, desperately scrambling for more up until they find they have only a short time left to live. Many of us are similarly afflicted with a scarcity mindset that there’s never enough.

Being aware of how we earn and spend our money in the context of the greater good lifts all of us upward. Ask yourself, “What is my highest vision to live in love and joy in context of the highest good of all?”

Touching your soul is synonymous with being a person whose highest priority is to be loving to yourself and others. We are all One, consciously attempting to honor this Oneness by caring about all people, animals and the planet. Even the smallest action used to express our humanity is healing.

Below are three points on how to live joyously in our relationship with money and direct this very powerful green energy toward a rewarding life for ourselves and all.

  1. Maintain a mindset of sufficiency and gratitude. Long ago, I learned that when I was feeling sorry about my financial situation to look to those that were not as well off. It could be the starving in Africa, or the homeless on practically any corner of Big City, USA. There was no shortage of people that were worse off. Suddenly, my glass half empty became a glass half full.
  2. Discover your special gifts and align them with your way to earn. Although there are billions of people on this planet, there is no duplicate of you. Once you identify what feeds your soul, a nourishing relationship with money begins to flourish. Manifest action toward your vision in everything that you do. (See Circles of Life). These actions work every day toward closing the gap between where you are now vs. the final vision. Simply put… just ACTION.
  3. Honor your spending. Spend mindfully within the context of greater meaning and greater satisfaction. Live in simplicity. Be more with less. Declutter everything, your closets, your finances, your relationships. Focus on the 20% of your life that gives you joy. It leaves more time to be happy and kind to others. Women wield astounding power. Can you imagine how fast things would change in the world if women stopped buying from companies that: don’t have female senior executives; continue to harm our environment or; inhumanely raise animal product?

I warn you, more and more you’ll find yourself living in joy, love and significance.