Being out of balance can stress on all aspects of your life. Create harmony in your life and establish a healthy rhythm that’s sustainable and feels good to you.

Here are five tips to help you:

  1. Make home your sanctuary reflecting your personality and style. My mother told me to always start with the living room and work out from there.
    • Tailor daily routines to live clean and clutter free.
    • Play music and infuse pleasant aromas into your surroundings.
    • Indulge in plants or fresh flowers
    • Purge your closet. Simplify your life and create your own look with an affordable ten-item wardrobe.
    • Prepare the night before for the following day. Set the table. Prep breakfast things. Go to bed in time to get plenty of rest.
    • Create your own morning and evening ritual to set the tone of your day. It could be as simple as enjoying a book, a long hot bath or a cup of tea.
  2. Establish good boundaries, at home and at work. Frequently, I work from home. It took a while for me to be clear cut about defining my “office hours” and sticking to them.
    • Love what you do for work.
    • Set working and non-working hours. Honor your word regarding your schedule.
    • Unplug the stress machine by choosing not to do too much.
    • Build time into your schedule to indulge in things outside work you love to do that nourish you.
    • Define and discuss your boundaries with others to improve your quality of life and relationships.
  3. Batch similar activities together
    • Cook once, eat twice (or more). I like to spend Sunday evening preparing meals for the week so I have healthy choices pre-made when I am tired.
    • Make lists, then organize similar tasks or errands together in time blocks so you can ride the momentum and improve efficiency.
  4. Create a passion plan
    • Make a visual you can look at every day to achieve a future you are passionate about.
    • Define your time line with measurable goals and action steps to monitor your progress and make adjustments when necessary. Making lists are one of the secrets to manifesting.
  5. Get support from your family and friends
    • Communicate your values, vision and goals, and include ways they can help
    • Getting family and friends on board with your vision will help you stay accountable. If your friends don’t support you, get new ones.